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Committee Positions

Here is a list of positions available for you to apply to.

Feel free to apply to multiple positions. However note that you will (if) be selected for only one. There is no restriction that you must be an Indian or of Indian origin. Anyone can apply. 

Last date to apply is September 30th 2021 11:59pm IST


Internal Vice Chair


  • Step in for Chair(s) where required

  • Understand vision

  • Can make decision for the organisation

  • Very available for Chairs to bounce ideas off of

  • Can step in for Chair(s) when required from time to time

  • Ready to step into any teams to offer assistance should the Chair(s) require it


External Vice Chair


  • Work with coordination of companies, speakers and sponsors

  • Understand vision

  • Can make decision for the organisation externally

  • In case of in-person events must be available to help and be present physically

  • Very available to all committees and also work with all divisions 

  • Can step in for Chairs when required from time to time


Admin Head


  • In charge of organising things, meetings etc

  • Takes meeting minutes

  • Ensures forms are sent out, platform organisation, 

  • Makes control doc, interacts with teams to update all information

  • All usernames and passwords are kept safely

  • Email blurbs, documentation etc

  • Respond to emails sent to general address and passing along questions to relevant teams

  • Query response, sign-ups etc


Events Director

  • Responsible for running all events

  • Create the plan for events

  • Actually run the events (online or in person)

  • Keep in contact with speakers and follow up after event for thanks

  • Comfortable taking ideas and creating a plan

  • Know when to seek input from executive committee

  • Assign 1 person to lead each event who can bring in help from other team members

  • Conference lead assigned from this team

  • When planning event, link up with Diversity to ensure the schedule looks good and we are promoting the right things

  • Send plans to Marketing

  • Look through analytics after events and figure out what people enjoyed and what we should do more of

  • Check Slack frequently

  • Frequent meetings when planning events


Financial Director


  • Takes care of money

  • Create budget and periodically updates it

  • Reaches out to sponsors to pass along 

  • Lead fundraising effort and work with marketing team and systems team to make this info accessible

  • All payments go through Financial Director

  • In charge of committee repayment


Sponsorship Director

  • Ask for money from organisations and people

  • Work directly with Exec to make sure we are meeting targets

  • Must be patient and willing to follow up on emails

  • Attentive, sponsors, although they can be unreliable, really like us to 

  • Check in with current sponsors and make sure they are happy

  • Let our major sponsors know about big events (conference) and see if they want to be advertised for that

  • Comfortable presenting to sponsors about who we are

  • Sponsors sometimes want calls every few months

  • Keep a database of sponsors

  • Keep a note of any strange incidents or companies to be wary of

  • Frequent meetings not necessary within team on Slack

  • Check emails daily

More positions

There are a few more positions available for you to access , use the link below to understand the various roles and apply!

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