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Women of Aeronautics and Astronautics India started in September 2020 as the first international chapter of WoAA International. Since then we have aimed to create a platform to empower and support women and gender minorities within aerospace and astronautics in India and help them achieve their dreams. 

WoAA India runs a parallel outreach division to extend its activities to a larger audience. The division is called BeyondWoAAIndia and is run by the lead Director and Outreach Director together. Under this division the Indian Women in Space Conference 2022 will be organised. 

Taking inspiration from the Edinburgh Women in Space Conference run in March 2021, we have decided to organise IWSC in April 2022. 

The conference will feature multiple speakers, have networking sessions and connect you with hundreds of students and young professionals. 

If you'd like to volunteer with WoAA India or its outreach division please contact us at

Want to learn more? Check out our website below!


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